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The ProRacing Timing System is not available for purchase



ProRacing Timing Services

We offer timing services for events in the mid-atlantic region.  For more information contact us.

Registration Features


    Step by Step Registration dialog breaks down the registration process into a few simple steps; simple enough to be used with minimal training.

    Automatically assigns Bib numbers based on the racing category being entered.

    Provides racer lookup for racers already in the system.  Racers can be looked up either by bib number or by name.

    If a racer is already in the system, but has switched race categories (e.g. upgraded from Sport to Expert), that racer will be assigned an additional number in the new category.  Note: ProRacing has the ability to assign multiple Bib numbers to the same racer, so a duplicate record for this racer will NOT be created in the system.

   Keeps track of entry fees paid for each registered racer.

   Once registration is completed, a registration report is created for the race.  The report shows:

1.     The names of all racers registered, broken down by racing category

2.     The number of racers registered in each category

3.     The number of racers registered in the entire race

4.     The total amount of entry fees received for each category

5.     The total amount of entry fees received for the entire race


   Registration for all races can be exported as MS Excel spreadsheets


Registration System

Registration Report


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