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ProRacing Timing Services

We offer timing services for events in the mid-atlantic region.  For more information contact us.


Points Series Features

    Ability to specify settings for each Points Series with the click of the mouse button.  These include:

1.    Whether to drop each racerís lowest race

2.    Applying double points to a certain race(s) in the series

3.    Applying bonus points to a certain race(s) in the series

4.   The number of races needed for a racer to attend to be eligible for the overall Points Series

    Individual races can be assigned to multiple Points Series.  This means that ProRacing allows for nested race series.  For example, the same race may score both for a state championship series as well as a regional championship series.

    Points Series results are automatically tabulated real-time when viewed.  Once the race results that comprise the points series are in the system, points series results are automatically tabulated and immediately available without ANY additional work.  You never have to worry about having additional work whenever you add or edit individual race results.  Make any necessary changes to the individual race results and the series results will automatically be re-tabulated.

    When viewing series results, you may specify (based on the minimum race requirement) whether to:

1.     Show all racers

2.     Show only racers who are or can become eligible

3.     Show eligible racers ONLY  



Setup Your Points Series


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