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The ProRacing Timing System is not available for purchase



ProRacing Timing Services

We offer timing services for events in the mid-atlantic region.  For more information contact us.


Time Trial Features


    Unique start times can be assigned to each racer

    Start times can be automatically assigned from race registration

    Ability to perform live timing using the built-in timing system or from direct input from an external timer box

    Live timing provides real-time time trial results

    Mistakes made when keying in Bib numbers can be corrected real-time

    Once time trial is completed, results are instantly tabulated and displayed

    Optionally, timing information can be imported directly from an external timer box following the completion of the time trial

    Ability to time multi-lap time trials

    Ability to add racers after the time trial and recompile time trial results as necessary


Main Time Trial Dialog

Set Starting Interval


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Last modified: 09/12/05